Europorte and Lhoist celebrate a decade of partnership

30/09/2015 - 10:00

Since 2005, Europorte the rail freight subsidiary of Groupe Eurotunnel and Lhoist, one of the world’s leading producers of high calcium quicklime1, magnesium and other minerals have worked together in total confidence to ensure the delivery of lime from Lhoist to the Sarrois steelworks in Germany. 

This successful arrangement, which has lasted for ten years has been based on quality of service, safety and performance, with very high punctuality rates (above 95%), and is an important pillar of this traffic which keeps two steel furnaces in continuous operation. The partnership is proof of the on-going ambition of Lhoist group to offer its customers reliable and environmentally friendly logistics and of Europorte’s commitment to work with its customers in effective and sustainable partnerships in their strategic markets. 

Pascal Sainson, Chairman of Europorte stated: “In 2005, in the early days of privatisation in the rail industry, we started partnership with the Lhoist group with the hope that it would turn into a long term relationship. Ten years later we can look back with satisfaction on build on the experience to further develop our efforts to exceed customer expectations and to make Europorte the reference in private rail freight operations”. 

Loïc de Surville, Vice President and Managing Director of Lhoist, Southern Europe, added: “Our partnership with Europorte has enabled us to develop innovative logistics solutions. The Lhoist group and, in particular, the sites at Dugny and Sorcy have been able to strengthen their relations with customers in the Sarre with flexible and reactif services and thus to consolidate the economic and social structure of the region.” 

1 Lime is a reagent used in a number of industrial sectors: steel production, protection of the environment (treatment of smoke, water and soil) civil engineering, construction materials, agriculture, paper, chemicals, glassmaking, …