Conversion of Groupe Eurotunnel into a European Company

The conversion of Groupe Eurotunnel SA into a European company, as voted by the shareholders combined ordinary and extraordinary general meeting held on 29 April 2014, took effect on 26 December 2014, the date on which the commercial court registered the company as a European company.

The special negotiating body and the management of the Company reached, on 1st December 2014, a written agreement on arrangements relating to the involvement of the employees within the Company converted into a European company. The conversion does not result in the creation of a new legal entity. The duration of the company, the dates of the accounting period, the share capital, the registered office and the purposes of the company remain unchanged. The terms of the current mandates of the Company’s directors and statutory auditors have been confirmed within the European company.

The SE framework has the advantage of benefitting from a homogeneous and generally recognised legal base among the EU Member States. Groupe Eurotunnel has thus acquired a legal framework which is more consistent with its bi-nationality and more in line with the economic and cultural reality of the company.