Contracts agreed for the renovation of the Channel Tunnel Works begin

Eurotunnel has approved (10 October 2008) contracts for the supervision and achievement of the works to renovate Interval six of the North Tunnel of the Channel Tunnel.

The project will be supervised by SETEC and the works themselves conducted by a group of companies comprising:

  • Freyssinet (Group Leader): Civil Engineering
  • ETF (Eurovia Travaux Ferroviaires): Track and overhead wire
  • Vinci Energies: Other equipment (Axima, Vinci subcontractor will be responsible for the cooling system).

Part of the procurement will be carried out directly by Eurotunnel. Eurotunnel teams have already begun to prepare the work site (particularly the installation of accommodation and site offices).

SETEC and the group of companies have committed to a construction period of approximately four months, the target being to enable the complete reopening of the Tunnel in mid February 2009.

The total budget for the restoration of the Tunnel is expected to be less than €60 million.

Jacques Gounon, ChaIrman and Chief Executive of Groupe Eurotunnel, declared:

“Eurotunnel has retained a group of companies who all have an excellent knowledge of the Channel Tunnel and whose recognised skills can guarantee the safety and speed of the works. The goal is to regain full operations in the North Tunnel by mid February to re-establish the best quality of service for our many customers”.