Combined Annual General Meeting of Getlink, 18 April 2018

  • Approval of all resolutions voted upon
  • Renewal of mandate for Jacques Gounon
  • Ratification of the co-option of Bertrand Badré
  • Approval of nomination of Giovanni Castellucci and Elisabetta de Bernardi di Valserra
  • 15% increase in dividend


The combined Annual General Meeting of Getlink took place in Marcq-en-Baroeul (Nord) on Wednesday 18 April 2018. The quorum of shareholders this year reached more than 69% of shares with voting rights, out of a base of a total of 370,039,203 shares present or represented, .

All of the resolutions put to a vote by the Board of Directors were approved by a large majority1, with the resolutions relating to the increase in dividend and executive pay for 2017 being approved with, respectively, 99% and 98% of the vote.

The Ordinary General Meeting of the Groupe, having approved the accounts, voted for a dividend of 30 centimes per share, an increase of 15% compared to the previous year and representing a payment of €165 million; ratified the co-option of Bertrand Badré as an Independent Director; approved the nomination of Giovanni Castellucci and Elisabetta de Bernardi di Valserra as Directors representing Atlantia; renewed the mandates as Directors for a further 4 years of Corinne Bach, Patricia Hewitt, Jacques Gounon, Tim Yeo and Philippe Vasseur and voted to modify the statutes to extend the maximum age of the Chief Executive Officer from 65 to 68, enabling the continuation of the mandate as Chief Executive Officer of Jacques Gounon.

The Board comprises 77% independent Directors and 46% female Directors.


“I would like sincerely to thank our shareholders who, year after year, faithfully support the Group’s long term strategy and demonstrate their commitment to the future of the business through their very clear voting.”

Jacques Gounon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Getlink


  1. The detail of the votes for each resolution will be published on the group’s website under Combined AGM for Getlink: