Colette Lewiner co-opted to Eurotunnel Board

23/05/2011 - 10:00

At a meeting held on 20 May 2011, the Board of Groupe Eurotunnel SA co-opted Mme Colette Lewiner as a Director, following the death of M. Pierre Bilger.

As a result of this decision, the Board now includes three female Directors out of 11, equivalent to 30% of the total. The new Board will therefore be composed, together with its Chairman and Chief Executive Jacques Gounon, of the following individuals: Mr Philippe Camu, Mrs Patricia Hewitt, Mr Hugues Lepic, Mrs Colette Lewiner, Mrs Colette Neuville, Mr Robert Rochefort, Mr Henri Rouanet, Mr Jean-Pierre Trotignon, Mr Philippe Vasseur and Mr Tim Yeo.

With a background in industry, Colette Lewiner brings specialist knowledge of the energy sector to the Eurotunnel Board.

She was educated at the Ecole Normale Supérieure and holds a Degree and Doctorate in Physics. She is a non-Executive Director of Nexans, TGS-Nopec, Groupe Bouygues and Lafarge and is non Executive Chair of TDF. Colette Lewiner is married and has three children.

Colette Lewiner began her career as a university lecturer, conducting research into electrical and magnetic phenomena in new semi-conductors. In 1979, she took up a post with EDF in the Research and Development Directorate and then established the Development and Commercial Strategy Division.

In 1992 she became Chair and Chief Executive of SGN -Reseau Eurisys, a subsidiary of Cogema, and then joined Capgemini to set up the Utilities sector, which she then managed. In 2000, following the merger of Capgemini and Ernst and Young, Colette Lewiner was appointed Managing Director of GSU (Global Sector Unit) Utilities. In 2004 she took on responsibility for the group’s Global Marketing unit (which she headed until 2008) alongside responsibility for the global Energy, Utilities and Chemicals sector.

Colette Lewiner is the author of “Que sais- je” (What do I know), regarding nuclear power stations and of numerous scientific papers. She is a Commander of the Légion d’Honneur and of the Ordre National du Mérite.