Appointment to the Getlink Executive Committee

Laurent Fourtune, Chief Operating Officer for Eurotunnel, Channel Tunnel operator, has been appointed to the Group Executive Committee1 on 1 February 2019.

Laurent Fourtune, 49, studied at the Ecole National Supérieure Ulm and Ohio State University. He is a civil engineer with broad industrial experience in transport infrastructure and its operations before joining Eurotunnel in March 2018.

Laurent Fourtune began his career in the Engineering department in Seine Saint-Denis, responsible for road surfaces on the A1 and A86 motorways. In 2001 he joined the office of Jean-Claude Gayssot as a technical advisor, where he was responsible for the project to re-open the Mont Blanc Tunnel to heavy goods vehicles. Subsequently, in 2002, he moved to Ile-de-France Mobilités (previously STIF) as Director of Investment Projects where, amongst others, he ran the project to renovate the RER B and install 70 km of tramway. In 2008 he became Service Director at Vinci and then, in 2010, he joined the Engineering service at the Paris Metro, RATP, as Deputy Director. In 2012 he became Director of Project Coordination for RATP and a member of the Committee of Directors.


  1. The Group Executive Committee is now composed of: Jacques Gounon, François Gauthey, Michel Boudoussier, Philippe de Lagune, Steven Moore, Patrick Etienne, Pascal Sainson, Jo Willacy, Claire Piccolin and Laurent Fourtune