Air traffic suspended: more than 100,000 passengers switch to Channel Tunnel

In order to help the return of passengers caught out by the closure of European airports, Eurotunnel has doubled its capacity and is offering Shuttle departures every 15 minutes, at the normal price. The crossing time is just 35 minutes.

Truck Shuttle traffic continues as usual.

To meet the increased demand from the coach sector, Eurotunnel has increased the number of places reserved for buses. 323 coaches crossed yesterday, 85% higher than forecast.

Eurotunnel has also provided extra crossings for Eurostar so that they can put on extra trains.

All together this enabled approximately 100,000 passengers to cross the Channel this weekend.

Eurotunnel staff have been called in from their rest days to help face up to the increased demand. The company is in constant contact with the public authorities to ensure that it can best adapt its resources to meet the needs of passengers stuck overseas.

Fully aware that small and medium enterprises are affected by the airline crisis and the impact that it has on the mail, Eurotunnel has, in these exceptional circumstances, offered a 35% rebate on the standard fare for small vans. This preferential access for vans will allow the loading of more vehicles during this peak period and ensure that traffic remains fluid for courier companies and for those awaiting delivery.

Amongst other exceptional measures, on Friday, Eurotunnel allowed passengers to board without a reservation. The contact centre and the reservation system remain active and passengers are strongly advised to book ahead to avoid any unexpected delays.

The Channel Tunnel is fully operational and, despite the increased levels of activity, the infrastructure has once again demonstrated its advantages, whilst price and quality of service remain unchanged.