A potential of 14.2 million cross-Channel passengers

Eurotunnel’s investment of €15 billion, 20 years ago to construct the Channel Tunnel Fixed Link, created a vital junction between Great Britain and continental Europe which is now used by more than 20 million people per year, of which 10 million on Eurostar services.

Beyond this remarkable success, Eurotunnel has been convinced for some time that the opening of new destinations by the railway operators would enable an increase in traffic via these new services. Eurotunnel commissioned PWC to carry out a study1 into these opportunities.

The conclusions from the study are very clear:

  • The potential for “high speed” traffic in 2020 is 14.2 million passengers per year,
  • Just four direct destinations represent 85% of the increase that would be created by new lines: Geneva, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Cologne,
  • The reduction in travel time is even more important than price in relation to choice of ticket and has a direct impact on the growth of market share in favour of rail over air.
  • Due to the time required to build up traffic, the volume captured can be even more important if the service is created rapidly.

Eurotunnel wants to ensure that the railway operators are aware of all of this information so that they can move to capitalise on this potential for growth, which would be to the advantage of both European consumers, who will gain in choice, and to the environment, as quickly as possible.


  1. A summary of the study can be found on the Group’s website in the section The founding documents